Lady Deeogee of Joy Mountain
July 3, 2008

Kadee is a beautiful, dark yellow Lab.  She could actually be called “Fox Red,” (that rare dark yellow that is accented with reddish-brown), a gorgeous look on her stocky features.  She is thick and broad, but not short like an English lab.  Her fur is thick and soft as fleece.  No cold weather or water bothers her.  The best word to describe Kadee is “cheerful.” She follows instructions with eagerness, is friendly to all, human and animal alike, and very easy-going.  She is playful, alert, and learns quickly.  She  is a great house dog, but loves to  lay outside in the sun, go for a walk, swim in the lake, and romp with the other dogs.


OFA LR-204101G59F-VPI

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