Red River's Ozark Creek Robber
DOB 3/20/12

Ponca is a sleek, beautiful Black Lab of small, compact build, with a wonderful personality to accompany her good looks. She is sweet, eager to please, affectionate, and full of life.  Ponca is one of the smartest Labs we've ever raised. She responded and continues to respond to her training with almost immediate understanding and compliance. When she's not chasing a ball or playing with the other dogs or some of our other animals (she was our piglet's best friend for a while, loves all the new puppies, and will even play games with our cat), she patiently follows around our kids as they explore our land.  She has been dressed up, attended tea parties, and otherwise served as buddy or babysitter.  She also loves to snuggle up to everyone and give kisses.  In addition to being such a great family pet, she has a strong retrieving instinct and a natural talent as a hunting companion.. Ponca is descended from the well-known American Field Champion Creek Robber, and numerous other champions, as seen in these predecessors' pedigrees: Taz and Phoenix.

For more pictures and info on Ponca, see our blog.