Red River's Rocky Mountain Montana
May 2, 2009

Tana was born May 2009.  She has a nice, balanced conformation—not too narrow, but not short and stocky. She has a winter nose--pale in the winter, black in the summer. She is very laid back and sweet, and was ridiculously easy to train.  Tana is an exceptional house dog, but is a self-confessing “chow hound.”  She will do anything for food!  She loves to retrieve, is eager to please, and likes to squeeze up in our laps for a good petting.  With her soft, fleecy coat to stroke, we don't mind at all.  While incredibly laid back, she is also playful and fun-loving, as can be seen in some of our gallery pictures.  Tana loves to ride with us to town, even if if she doesn't get to go swimming or hiking or to the park.  She has been known to hop in the back of our pick-up and refuse to get out when we need to use it, even to the point of sleeping in it if allowed. And she is a remarkable hunting retriever: steady in the blind, loves the water, has the natural instinct Labs are known for. Some of the champions in her pedigree include Kelly’s Midnight Trapper, Trumarc’s Zip Code, Esprit Playin’ For Keeps, and Wiscombe Cid.

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OFA: LR-195292G30F-PI


Tana's Past Litters

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