Red River's Midnight Trapper Victory

Tori is our first second-generation Red River Retriever. We bred Tana and Chaco and picked Tori to keep from the litter. We have a special place in our hearts for her since we were there at her birth and every step along the way. She is a delightful blend of curiosity, intelligence, playfulness, and sweetness.  She loves to snuggle up, right in our laps just like her mom, and she "smiles" when she is feeling guilty just like Tana as well. She is sometimes almost too smart.  She has learned that if she can sneak away to the neighbor's front door, our dog-loving neighbor will give her a treat, she knows how to open her kennel door if it isn't latched with a carabeener, and she knows when anyone is sad and just how to make them feel better when they are. She loves dancing, food of all kinds, anything with feathers, laying on our feet under the dining table, and did I mention food?  It may be from the same root that her love of food comes, that she also has an incredible sense of smell, and her ability to track by scent is phenomenal.  She has little quirks that remind us of our original Red River Retriever, Good Time Charlie, which endears her to us all that much more. For example, if we go to the river, she likes to retrieve rocks from the bottom, but when hunting she is steady and focused.  She likes to find funny places to curl up and sleep.  If it isn't clear already, we simply adore her.  And her hunting skills aren't bad either. Some of the champions in her pedigree include Kelly’s Midnight Trapper (from whom she gets her name), Trumarc’s Zip Code, Esprit Playin’ For Keeps, and Wiscombe Cid. 

OFA: LR-223073G29F-VPI

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