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In Memory of Charlie

Besides our sire from the outset of Red River Retrievers, Charlie was Rich's constant companion and our amazing, smart, loyal, delightful dog.  Although all our dogs hunt, Charlie was the hunting pick and served as Rich's working retriever in many settings, including waterfowl, pheasant, and small game.  We trusted Charlie with our kids—they climbed all over him, and he watched out for them as they played.  He didn't like to let anyone get too far from shore when we took him to the lake, and had been known to "retrieve" our children by the life jacket strap as they swim. Charlie had a good head on his shoulders and kept his wits, even when he was excited. Nothing make him forget his training.  Calm, gentle, friendly but protective, affectionate, obedient, and eager to please are just a few ways we describes him. Charlie was used as a therapy dog both in the nursing home and rehabilitation settings.  Charlie sired numerous litters in his lifetime, from 2003 to 2014, with a 0% occurance of hip dysplasia, (compared to the cited national average of 13%) and continued in perfect health until the very end of his life when he just got tired and slept hislast days away, we felt confident that Charlie's puppies continued a line of genetics ideal for the breed.  We grieved this year when Charlie went to sleep in front of the fire and crossed over into the "happy hunting grounds" forever.  He was our first Lab, our first child, our first Red River Retriever. All dogs forever after will be compared to him.  We miss him every day.