My husband Todd and I have one of your wonderful labs, whom we named Riggs. He was from Tessa and Charlie’s litter in April. Once he was old enough, a few trips to the dog park have turned Riggs into a dog-loving and people-obsessed dog! He has blossomed remarkably since we picked him up as a quiet, independent puppy. He is such a wonderful, loving, affectionate dog! Very smart and easy to train, loves the water, loves to fetch, and brings us to much joy! Plus he is gorgeous!

Todd and Julie--New Brunswick, NJ


Roxy is doing very well! She is a beautiful, intelligent and well-behaved girl. My girls love her to death (as do my husband and I). She’s a great swimmer and all around happy dog. Everyone marvels at how low-key she is and that fits in perfectly with our lifestyle. Her temperament is perfect for us and I thank you for making that choice. Thanks again for all your personal service. It certainly made the buying of our new baby sight-unseen very easy. We would be happy to act as a reference for you and your new litter. Please feel free to have any potential buyers either e-mail me or call me.

Susan—Jewett City, Connecticut

I can't express how delighted I am with Cal! He is sweet and very smart. He already follows commands of come, sit, down and NO. He only needs to be told once and he remembers. It amazes me how retrieving is in their DNA. He loves to chase a ball and brings me back the toy I've thrown. He is eating well and growing everyday. We are all delighted to have him in our family. I would definitely recommend you both for anyone looking for a lab puppy in the future.

Mary—Bethany, Connecticut

Dixie is an energetic and gorgeous puppy who loves the water. Every time we go to the lake, Dixie is never ready to go home. She is very smart and has been a joy to train. At four and half months she is already 45 pounds! She loves everyone she meets and plays great with kids and adults. Thanks again.

Robert—Waco, Texas


We are so pleased to have one of your dogs. Marty is an amazingly wonderful four year old dog from Charlie and Sasha. We have a hallway with our parents pictures, and we would love to add Marty’s parents to the hallway. Could you please email us a picture of Charlie and Sasha? Thanks so very much!!
 P.S. the new pups are so cute!

-Lisa and Mel--Avon, CT

Just wanted to share some pictures of our new pup. We decided to name him Oliver and he has been wonderful so far. He has been a great addition to our home and I can already tell he is going to be a great dog as well.



Abby and Jake are doing wonderfully. Such sweet dogs and almost always obedient. Most people can't believe how good they are for young dogs. It pays to stay tough but loving. We try to keep the dogs busy with a frisbee or other activities. Tired dogs are good dogs :) They have frequent trips to the horse farm now and they love to run in the fields. They have also had several trips with their dad to the beach. They do like the water. Abby is still very athletic and vocal, and Jake is still a big mush man. We love our dogs so much and we wouldn't trade them for the world. The love and affection from them is priceless. If you come to CT please let us know so we can bring the dogs to see you. Feel free to offer my email address to anyone that may want references. I'd be happy to recommend you highly as a responsible breeder of quality dogs. Everyone that meets my dogs fall right in love with them. Thanks for the email and take care!

-Debbie--Orange, CT